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Hey guys sorry for the lack of journals me and Abi :iconabi-t-xeno: have been reaaaaaaaaaaaaally busy as you might of seen from the photos.

Weve been rushed off our feet with events including woodhorn galactic invasion, glasgow collectormania, megacon carlisle and of course BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL!!!

We were VIP guests at this years Bloodstock Festival and we went down a storm! we met alot of bands and famous people including Exodus, Municipal Waste, Evile and Chris Jericho from WWE to name a few! Crazy times when peopel like taht are coming up to you asking for pictures with YOU! it should be the otehr way round XD

Any way were having a little break before we get back into it at the end of the month for Eurogamer down in London, Scream-Con in Newcastle, LFCC in London (fingers crossed) and then Memorabillia & Comic Con at Birmingham NEC!

Also we have a magazine artical coming out as a halloween special for one of these women weekly magazines called Real People (dont laugh XD) which should be fun lol

Our little documentary should hopefully be done by the end of the month too so ill make sure to link you all to that :)

hope youre all well and ill try keep you all updated better than i have 

Much love 

Right i just need to have a little flail of joy for a moment. A lot of exciting things have happened in the last week or two concearning our page Alien Loves Predator UK. We recently had a few features written about us on some websites which caused our page to go crazy and got us over the 3000 likes mark :D Then we got contacted by a big media company who want to do a feature on us to go into a/some magazines in a few countries =D AND THEN! yesterday we were contacted by the director of an entertainment news show which is broadcast on the biggest pay tv channel in Japan wanting to do a segment about us and our page and have us LIVE! on air via Skype =D!!! so much exciting in such a short time! and it all started when we posed for the picture of us hugging! This one picture went viral nearly a year ago and now its everywhere and it lead to us doing so much more to entertain all of you! So i think what im trying to say is thank you everyone :')
Hey guys just wanted to share this with you lot. Its only a rough edit just now but the full version of this documentary will be out in July/august and will be just under 15 minutes :)

Ill warn you it does feature my people face #no hate pls XP…

Also in other news weve a lot of attention recently with our facebook page and and we have a few big oppertunities lined up so more info when they are confirmed :D This is all because of you guys. Here on DA is where we first started to get popular with what me and Abi :iconabi-t-xeno: do and its helped us start Alien Loves Predator UK…

So just wanted to say a big thanks to you all for liking our work and being fans of us :3

Love you all

Pedro T Predator ( mark)
Me and Abi were talking today and we had an idea. Would anyone be interested in Alien Loves Predator UK posters? could use an awesome picture of us hugging each other for example they wouldnt cost too much. or stickers/keyrings or something.

What do you guys think?
New photos up on here and Abis page :iconabi-t-xeno: We got alot of awesome shots but most of them are over on our facebook fan page go check it out

Were trying to promote the hell out of our page at the moment so forgive me if i mention it alot XD

Anyway hope youre all well. I'll upload some more pics later

Pedro .'.
Hey guys me and Abi T Xeno have got soem new pictures up! theres more over at her page :iconabi-t-xeno: so go check em out.

Also we have our new facebook page go check it oot and share it aboot :D…
Hey everyone one!

Me and Abi have just set up a new facebook fan page and youtube channel called Alien Loves Predator UK

it would be awesome if you guys stopped by and checked it out/liked/shared it for us :3

new photos coming soon weve got a few events and photoshoots planned for the upcoming weeks so busy times XD

hope youre all well!
Hey everyone! Hope you're all good

Well me and Abi :iconabi-t-xeno: had an awesome photoshoot yesterday at our local laser tag arena and my god the photos! these are probably my favourite pics weve had now and im so happy with them! Were trying to help the local laser tag arena out as they are facing closer :( so were helping them with a bit of promo work.

So same as last time weve split the pics between mine and :iconabi-t-xeno: Abis pages so go ove and check hers out too! (some awesome ones of her there :D)

will be uploading more pics very soon as theres so many its gonna take me a while!

Hey everyone! got a few new pics last night with Abi :iconabi-t-xeno: whilst having a gaming night and we've split them between our pages so to see the rest head over to her page (personally my favourite one is on her page XD) hope you all like them and we should have more to come sooooon! .'.
Abi now has her own dedicated page!!!!!! she only made it today so give it time to fill up with pics but go give her a watch!


I know you all love her! so why not head over to her owners page :iconrex-equinox: and show some love!…

Rex is my closest friend and favourite cosplayer out there. Shes also one of my favourite artists!
Id also be nowhere with out her as shes the one who got me into this hobby i owe it all to her!!

Go show the LOVE!!! :)
Well the last few pictures ive uploaded seem to be quite popular! Got a link posted on my FB page today and weve had a little article done on a couple of websites!
thank you to whoever shared the pictures!

for anyone interested heres the links to the sites :D

The Mary Sue…
Soooooooooooooo does anyone fancy doing some Pedro T Predator Fanart? be fun to see what comes back XD
I was just wondering what you guys prefer? Do you prefer pictures of Pedro being all serious as most predators are or do you prefer him doing silly stuff? just after some ideas for when im next out on what sort of pictures to get. And also who to be doing it with? Do you want Abi T Xeno or his huntress wife Peyton T Pred involved? If you have any ideas let me know and ill try sort it for you guys :)
For anybody that is interested Pedro also has a tumblr
Hope you all have a fun night whatever your're doing. Im going to my local rock bar with Abi T Xeno looking forward to it very much. Im sure there will be a few pictures to follow :) .'.
Ok so i seem to be getting watchers now so i thought i should maybe write at least one journal XD Glad you're all liking Pedros pictures he's loving the attention haha. going to be getting some new pics soon when Pedro and Abi have an outing soon. Maybe even get a few funny ones in there too XD And also thanks for faving some of my art and other pics too :) But yeah just wanted to say hello and thanks to you all.